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About Tibianic
Tibianic started off as a students project back in 2009 with only thirty players online on average. Today we established an online community of more than 1.000 active players and with peaks of 450 players online at once. Together we, Iryont, creator of Tibianic, admin and host in one, and Doyle, responsible for continuous story writing, events and community management, establish by Tibianic an underground pixel-art game which enables the player to take a journey into the wonderful lands of our mysterious fantasy world, full of magic and beauty. The player is allowed to choose one of four vocations during the journey on Tibianic, unique classes which require different playing skills. The beauty of Tibianic lays within in it's interactive community, the old-school pixel-art and the challenging game-play. The game enables the player to roam infinitely long across the plains together with their friends. Exploring, interacting in guilds, participating in conflicts, team hunts, questing and designing your own house are just a few features of Tibianic which are different to other games as the individual skill of the player, the personal game-play, impacts these features such as the profitability of a hunt, the outcome of a quest and the hierarchic standing of the player within the community.

Game client
In order to play Tibianic you have to download our client with a lot of features including:

* CAM Player
* CAM Recorder
* Ping in game
* W/A/S/D Walking keys
* Many more!

We are in a middle of intense updates including over 100 new monsters! There are plenty of monsters yet to be discovered!

Custom locations
Tibianic is going through a change where a gameplay of 7.4 remains, but players are able to discover whole new RPG locations as well as new hunting places. You won't get bored after certain level.

Tibianic first alpha tests began in 2009 and we are still here! Your time won't be wasted in here, we have players who haven't played for 3 years since 2011 and they are re-joining the server!

Join us!