New Time Sro

Hello. Come to us. We waiting for You.

General (Links):

Homepage: GoodTimes Silkroad - Back in the 90's
Register: GoodTimes Silkroad - Back in the 90's
FullClient: File Upload, sharing and hosting. Serviss failu, foto un bil
Media PK: http://www.mediafire...xxnj3bd3oq37z1q
Guild Forum : New Time Silkroad

Server Information (rates):
Level Cap: 120
Race: CH,EU
Max DG: 12
Total Mastery Lvl: Euro: 240; China: 360
Exp Rate: 600
Sp Rate: 600
Great balance character i mean PVP.
Sox drop: x2
Normal Item Drop: x100
Gold Drop: x50
Alchemy Rate: x2
Vote For Silks per one day 16 silks !!

Items For Start:

Occupied Forts:

Unique Events 2-3 times daily.Some Screens:

Guild: Legends !! Recruting Active Members !! PM Neonek in Game or go to forum and write there.Come we wait for you.