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Wątek: Hammer-Sro Prawdziwy Oldschool

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    Jun 2014

    Domyślnie Hammer-Sro Prawdziwy Oldschool

    Witam. Zaczne od tego, ze zamieszczone nizej informacje nie dotycza mnie wiec prosze nie szukac mnie pod tymi nazwami. Kopiuje informacje z miejsca z ktorego sam sie dowiedzialem o tym serverze. Wczesniej polecalem inny server lecz tam nie poszlo tak jak powinno jesli chodzi o rozwoj servera i postanowailem poszukac czegos innego. I to jest wlasnie to. Polecam, Nix aka Grenade.


    Introduction:First of all my name is Alex Hammer and I made this server for those people which would like have a small taste of silkroad cap 70 like it used to be in the past. I played on official long time ago until cap 100 then stopped with the official. In other words this server is for all type of players. I took most of the information and help about the server working and collaborating with friends and some other silkroad developers.

    Experience Rate: 10x
    Party Experience Rate: 17x
    Skill Point: 10x
    Gold: 8x
    Item Drop rate: 7x
    Cap: 70
    Degree: 8
    Mastery: 300
    Gear: Seal of Star / Seal of Moon
    Race: Chinese
    Botting: Allowed
    IP Limit: Yes [ 2 ]
    DDoS Protection - HyperFilter
    Job rate:
    Thief - x2
    Trader -x1.5
    Hunter -x2

    Skill Points: 100.000
    Gold: 200.000
    Reversion Scrolls: 20
    Speed Scrolls: 10
    Premium Tiger Pet: 10
    Grab Pet 3 days: 1
    Top 200 users will receive 1 Premium Ticket 10% and 1 Grab Pet 28 days

    Stall gold limit: 500 Billions
    Exchange gold limit: 1 Billion
    Damage / Defense scrolls: Disabled from Item Mall
    Old School PVP capes: Enabled
    Advance Elixir: Disabled
    Alchemy: +12 Max
    Stack: 1000
    Global Chatting admission: Starting from level 50
    Horses: Speed increased
    Guild penalty: 1 Day
    Job penalty: 1 Days
    Fortress War: Jangan(Disabled) / Bandit(Disabled) / Hotan(Enabled)
    Pet slots: 1 Page
    Devil S grade – Disabled
    Devil A grade – Disabled
    Ingame tittles: Disabled
    Fellow Pets: Disabled
    Seal of Sun Weapons: Disabled
    NPC speed scrolls increased to 100%
    Item Mall speed scroll 28 days: 140%
    Dimension Pillar 1*, 2* added on NPC Grocery Jangan.
    Seal of star and Seal of Moon items available on drop

    4 Arrow Combo – Implemented – Knock back
    Strong Bow – Cool down decresed from 8 seconds to 4 seconds
    Dragon Soul Arrow range increased from 4.4m to 6.5m
    Ghost spear mars knock back probability increased from 35% to 45%
    Soul spear - Soul Lv7 stun probability increased from 30% to 45%
    Iron Wall Shield continous hours increased from 15 seconds to 30 seconds
    Dragon Sore Blade Lv2 Down attack damage increased from 50% to 65%
    Force Piercing Force magical power increased from 16% to 18%
    Flame Body Extreme physical power increased from 7% to 9%

    Ok as we all know in Forgotten World mostly people goes for the final weapon, well in our server things are different, we changed the rewards from uniques. Our Forgotten World was made to entertain you guys and to keep you active.
    Stage I
    ►Togui General - Level 68 Unique - Drop:
    ►Assassin's Creed Avatar M/F
    ►Venefica Avatar F
    ►White Witch Avatar F
    ►Commander Avatar M
    ►Immortal Stones
    ►Thief / Hunter / Trader old job suits
    Stage II
    Togui Captain - Level 68 Unique - Drop:
    ►Togui General - Level 68 Unique - Drop:
    ►Assassin's Creed Avatar M/F
    ►Venefica Avatar F
    ►White Witch Avatar F
    ►Commander Avatar M
    ►Immortal Stones
    ►Thief / Hunter / Trader old job suits
    Stage III
    Togui Elder - Level 69 Unique - Drop:
    ►BOW 8D SOS
    ►Spear 8D SOS
    ►Shield 8D SOS
    ►Shield 8D SOM
    ►Earring 8D SOM
    ►Ring 8D SOM
    ►Necklace 8D SOM

    Our job system is classic without any coin achievements or complicated things, here we made it classic for gold and with gold you can buy stones in order to pimp your items
    Steady Stones Lucky Stones INT Stones STR Stones HP Stones Agility Stones Challenge Stones Rest of the stones 50 Millions 50 Millions 30 Millions 30 Millions 30 Millions 30 Millions 30 Millions 5 Millions

    New Fortune Boxes added on drop and CTF with great new rewards!
    Scroll of Academy Silver Buff
    Scroll of Academy Gold Buff
    Scroll of Academy Bronze Buff
    Scroll of Academy King
    Character Skin Change Scroll
    Potion of Growth
    Instant Return Scroll
    Repair Hammer
    Weapon Elixir 50
    Protector Elixir 50
    Accessories Elixir 50
    Shield Elixir 50
    1. PK Score - Each PK that you will do on the server will be counted and ranked on our website. At the end of the week we will reward the players with the most PK points (PK score will be restored to 0 weekly)
    2. Best Unique Hunter - Each type of unique that you will kill will be counted and will rank your character on our UNIQUE RANK from website. (Unique score will be restored to 0 weekly)
    3. Discover the map - A quest will be added monthly where you will have to kill a fixed amount of monsters in order to make the monthly achievement.
    4. Screenshot EVENT - Screenshot event will be held every 2 weeks and all you will have to do is to post your best screen from our server.
    5. Video contest - This event will be held every month but all with a different subject.
    6. PVP EVENT - Since we are only CHN there won’t be a problem on fighting each other in order to be a champion among the server warriors.
    8. Auction EVENT - Every 2 weeks we will make an auction sale where you will be able to bid for the unique items that our staff will put them out for auction. (Stones, Premium Items)
    9. Guild War Battle - On this event only masters are allowed to register (If you are not the Guild Master you won’t be able to participate). The guild masters must register the GUILD with the participants from his guild. After you will register your GUILD, the guilds will be teleported into a secret spot where they will battle.

    There are 2 way in order to get free silk in our server.
    Option 1: Vote4Silk (Login to our website and vote for us)
    Option 2:
    Tiger Girl – Only levels 1-35 can kill her (Players over level 35 won’t have drops) – Reward – 2 Silk

    Uruchi - Only levels 1-55 can kill him (Players over level 55 won’t have drops) – Reward – 4 Silk

    Isyutaru - Only levels 1-65 can kill her (Players over level 65 won’t have drops) – Reward – 8 Silk

    Lord Yarkan - Only levels 1-70 can kill him – Reward – 15 Silk

    1. Flaming, spamming on global chatting will result 1 day ban chat.
    2. Advertising any other website, forums, server will result permanent ban.
    3. Insulting players on global chat will result 1 day ban chat.
    4. Insulting staff members or the server via globals will result permanent ban.
    5. Making PK on UNIQUE will result 3 days ban.
    6. Using exploits, tools or bugs in the game will result permanent ban.
    7. Scamming other players will result permanent ban.
    8. Selling items, Party level, gold or any other related game things for real money, credits will result permanent ban.
    9. Scammed account by trading items from a server to another will not be helped. You’re doing it at your own risk.
    10. Advertising our server on any other silkroad server will result permanent ban.
    11. Asking the staff members for favors will result ban for 1 day.
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