We Dont sell sets or stats.
We Dont give player/guild items
you can buy and sell item in personal store for Goblin points if you use this command /off otherwise you will sell it for zen

Web Support English and Spanish soon pl and br
Launcher and Client Supports EN,ES,BR [Can change client lang in launcher]

Web: DemonMu
Download: DemonMu - Download
Forum: DemonMu - Forum
Exp & Drop: 23x - 65%
Master Exp: 10x
MuHelper: On from lvl 80!
AFK: is legal
KS: is legal
BlessBug: Off
Version: Season VI + EP III [S6EP3]
Resets: No Reset Server
Stats/lvl: 5/6/7
MonsterHP: 100%
MaxLvl: 400
MaxMaster: 200
ElfSoldier: To 220
Online: 24/7
Guild Create: lvl 150
Guild Alliance: No
Create Rage Fighter: LvL 220

Castle Siege Event
Double Goer Event
Blood Castle Event
Devil Square Event
Chaos Castle Event
Illusion Temple Event
Raklion Hatchery Event
White Wizard Event
Red Dragon Invasion
Golden Monster Invasion
Kanturu Event
CryWolf Event
Loren Deep Event
Kalima 1-7 Event
Extra Experience Event
Marry Event
PVP LastStand Event HOT!
Heart of love

Mix+10: 55%
Mix+11: 45%
Mix+12: 45%
Mix+13: 40%
Mix+14: 40%
Mix+15: 35%
MixAddLuck: 20%

Soul: 55% [75% +Luck]
Life: 75%


DemonMu Team