Server Grand Opening date: 22.08.2013, +1 GMT 20:00

Lemuria - New vision of MUOnline
GameServer Version: EX702+ IGCN Licensed
GameServer Max-handle: 300 Players Online
Server works 24/7 all days in week.

Official WebSite Adress: News - Lemuria Mu Online

Experiance Multiplier: 25X (Gained per monster kill)
Item Drop Chance: 32% (Chances to get an item from monster)
Max Level: 400Lvl
Max Master Level: 300Lvl

Reset Level: 400lvl. Reset
Reset Type: Clear Stats, without equipment, without skills.
Reset Points: 300 points per reset. (Formula, Reset * Reset Points)
Reset Command: Turned Off
Reset Payment: 50,000,000 Zen per reset.
Grand Reset: After 50 Resets
Grand Reset Reward: 600 Credit Points

Monsters Health: 100%
Monsters Attack: 100%
Guild from 150 Level
Max Item Level: +15, +28, +Luck, +Harmony, +Socket / Excellent.
Items Avaible: No FO Items on our server.
MasterSkill Tree: Works in 100% for any class. *Including Fist Master

Dark Knight: 5 / 6 ppl.
Dark Wizard: 5 / 6 ppl.
Fairy Elf: 5 / 6 ppl.
Magic Gladiator: 7 ppl.
Dark Lord: 7 ppl.
Summoner: 5 / 6 ppl.
Rage Fighter: 7 ppl.

Jewel Succes Rate

Jewel Of Bless Succes Rate: 100%
Jewel Of Soul Succes Rate: 50%
Jewel Of Soul +Item Luck: 75%
Jewel Of Life Succes Rate: 50%

Chaos Machine

+10 : 85%
+11 : 75%
+12 : 65%
+13 : 55%
+14 : 45%
+15 : 40%

There is no jewels in shop, the gameserver is rebalanced,
so you can found the Jewel Of Bless, Jewel Of Soul,
Jewel Of Creation, Jewel Of Chaos and Jewel Of Life in:
Box Of Heaven, Golden and Silver Medal,
FireCracker and Heart Of Love.

Anyway, there is high drop of Jewels from Mobs.

Golden mobs invasions every 480minutes,
Chaos Castle and Devil Square 480every minutes,

Global Like Box Of Kundum (+1,+2,+3,+4,+5)
Global Like Kundum Box Drop

Selupan Drop: Dark Knight Items, and counterparts.
Nightmare Drop: Dark Knight Items, and counterparts.
Silver Medal Drop: Sphinx, Plate, counterparts.
Golden Medal Drop: Jewel Of Bless, Jewel Of Soul, Jewel Of Creation, Jewel Of Life

Lorencia, Noria, Elbeland - Non-Stacked.
Lorencia, Noria and Elbeland got Spots Multiplier for some places.

Kanturu, Kanturu3, - Non-Stacked.
Davias, LostTower, Atlans, Kanturu3, Tarkan Multiplier for some rare places.

All other maps got Doubled Global Spots.

All shops are original and have been set specifically for this type of server, so player need to hunt,
this is the best way to make server longterm and most functionally.
The rarest things to get better gear is to collect special boxes and joining events.

Potions stacks informations.

{HP} Potion of Health Stack Count: 25 Bottles in stack
{MP} Potion of Mana Stack Count: 25 Bottles in stack

Invitations informations.

Devil Square and Blood Castle Invitations parts.
You can found the TownPortal
Included ChaosCastle in Lorencia Bar.

Blood Castle - Yes, bugless
Devil Square - Yes, bugless
Chaos Castle - Yes, bugless
Red Dragon Invasion - Yes, bugless
Battle Soccer - Yes, bugless
Imperial Guardian Fort Event - Yes, bugless
Double Goer Event - Yes, bugless
Kalima 1-7 - Yes, bugless
White Wizard Event - Yes, bugless
Loren Deep Event - Yes, bugless
New Year Day Event - Yes, bugless
Kantru Event - Yes, bugless
Crywolf Event - Yes, bugless
Medusa Boss - Yes, bugless
Illusion Temple Event - Yes, bugless
Castle Siege event - Yes, bugless
Raklion Hatchery Event - Yes, bugless
Halloween event - Yes, bugless

Maopt - Project manager, gameserver co-owner, community forums administrator, support for Poland.