Chronicle: Interlude
Type: Custom Pvp Server
Reopened on: 2.2.2014
Global and Auto Events
Balanced Classes
Professional server
DDos protection, no lag

Special Features
#Unique start up System
# New commands that you can use in-game.
# DressMe system (read on forum about it)
# Pvp zone with auto-flag and nobless.
# Special npc's ( see above).
# Custom farm zones.
# Custom droplist on Raid Bosses.
# Advanced Community board.
# Main town: Giran.
# Special items ( see them in-game).
Unique items, give a check in-game.

Other & Custom Systems
# New character start with 500kk adena
# Max Subclasses = 6
# All skills working
# Starting lvl 1
# Custom NPC in Clan Halls!
# Buff time: 3 hours
# Olympiad: 18:00 - 00:00 GMT+2, every week hero
# Balanced Class (everyday update for perfect balance)
# Raid Bosses Jewelers in Custom Shop ( need special coins )
# Pvp color system on Name & Tittle
# Custom Zones
# Custom pvp zone: Auto nobles, Auto Respawn, No PK
# Wedding, Fishing Systems
# 100% Castle Sieges

Fully reworked retail like olympiad
# Olympiad Cycle = 1 Weeks
# Skills are reused after teleport on stadion,
# Players with same IP can not fight together,
# Teleport back to town right after match end,


Safe: +5
Max Armor: +20
Max Weapon: +20
Normal Enchant: 70% Chance
Blessed Enchant: 95% Chance

Note: With Special Scroll (Weapon and Armor) you can enchant from 20 to +24 with 95% chance and from 24 to +25 with 70%. If it fails the enchant remains and the item don't broke.

No Grade Lifestone
5% Chance
Mid Grade Lifestone
10% Chance
High Grade Lifestone
15% Chance
Top Grade Lifestone
20% Chance
Max Augments per char 2 ( 1 active + 1 passive ) <-From lifestones

Auto Events:
Team vs Team
Last Man Standing
Find The Bastard
Capture the Flag
Soon More...

Custom NPC:
Change Password
Custom Gatekeeper
Event Npc
Subclass Changer
Class Manager
Wedding Manager
Siege Manager
Skill Enchanter
Custom Buffer
Symbol Maker
Custom Shop
Gm Shop
PVP/PK Manager

Custom Command System
/menu - you can set from there trade/ chat/ exp gaining.
?dressme - change visual armor. For ex you have draconic but stats are from Custom armors