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Wątek: Eryx Online Prywatny Server Cap 80 CH

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    Jun 2014

    Domyślnie Eryx Online Prywatny Server Cap 80 CH

    In Game Info Value Level cap 80. Gear cap 8th degree. Skill cap 80. Monster cap 80. Server files VSRO. Races Chinese. Sox Type 8D Moon only. EXP Rate 70x. Alchemy Rate 1x. Job Rate 80x. Gold Drop Rate 5x. Silk Per Hour 3-2 lvl80 needed. Auto Equip Until 7th degree. Bot Allowed. IP Limit 3. opening date 23/April/2014

    Server opening time Wednesday 16:00 UTC +01:00

    About our first project :
    First and foremost, we apologise to everyone about what happened on the first project as it wasn't expected of our database admin that he would have social problems which forced him to leave for us the opening, as for us Eryx's crew, we wanted to see this server as something perfect and complete because all of us came from the community of sro and we really enjoy playing, so we know how it feels to play on a server which is full with bugs and/or downtimes, so we chose to close and set our plans again to start working on our first mistake, now we have a new database admin who joined us and shares with us the same excitement in order to achieve a successfull server which will live long, and we hope to see you still supporting us because nobody is born a pro at something, we must fail so we can learn whats the meaning of success and share it with you,
    And immediately when we closed our project we refunded everyone who donated via paypal, payment-wall, and paygol, as there was still 150$ which was still not refunded because donators did not ask the service provider to refund them as well as they didnt contact us either, so these people can get their silk when they join us just by contacting us through our facebook page, or skype,
    Regards, Eryx crew.

    Website - http://www.eryxonline.net/
    Register - http://www.eryxonline.net/?register
    FB - https://www.facebook.com/eryxonline

    Removed & Disabled items.
    *Disabled Advanced Elixirs.
    *Disabled Devil & Angel Spirit.
    *Removed Vigor grains(25%) from the NPC.
    *Removed Scrolls(Attack-Defense-) from Item mall.
    *FGW is disabled.

    Changed stuff in-game.
    *The Fortress Wars happen every Saturday at 20:00 UTC+01:00
    *Pet 5 pages.
    *Changed Cerberus and Captain Ivy spawn area.
    *Unique re-spawn times lowered.
    *Special silk items dropping at Uniques this point will make hunting uniques something more attractive.
    *New berzerk modes.
    *Old capes showed when you are on pvp mode.
    *Hotan & Jangan fortresses enabled.

    Edited skills.

    Start items.
    *500k gold.
    *Reverse scroll.
    *Wedding avatar.
    *Grap pet.
    *Instant return scroll.
    *300k skill points.

    Seal of Eryx NPC.

    The Seal of Eryx Shop includes all the sealed 8degree Seal of Eryx weapons and armor. Each piece is available at a cumulative coin price.

    Plusses auto notice.

    Auto notice for pluses starting from +10.

    New quests.

    A new set of quests has been created with different objectives that will earn you different reward types that range from Titles, to Avatars and stacks of special items. The Titles achieved through these quests are temporal and go along with a whole new title management system which is completely automatic. Within the titles for these quests are: Ghost Busters, Soul Reaper, Maze Champion, Eryx Slayer, Novice Hunter, Unique Seeker and Unique Hunter.
    *after achieving the quest you need to teleport so the notice announce it.

    Abbys Mazze.

    Here you farm your master skill 100mil sp,
    The Abyss Maze includes a default spawn of Abyss Berzerkers that comes along with special Uniques that are new on this release. The Uniques are Abyss Wizard, Str/Int Uniques and the Underworld Spirit,

    The Berzekers drop scrolls and silk items,

    To enter this area you must have 1 Copper Coin on your inventory at least. Once inside you will just need to survive along with whoever you team up with (as it's extremely hard to survive on your own).

    Coin system.

    Title system.

    As the amount of titles achievable in game became long after the addition of new ways of achieving them,
    The titles you can achieve are the following:
    Grand Marshall: Top Hunter of the week.
    Dynasty Merchant: Top Trader of the week.
    Bandit King: Top Thief of the week.
    Super Sayan: Winner of the Brutal PVP Championships that take place every Saturday which is str's vs int's players 1vs1 competition.
    Eryx Slayer: Latest Eryx killer and achieved through a Quest available since level 80.
    Imperium Knight: Title for the latest winner of 2vs2 Events.
    Int Champion: Title for the winner of the latest weekly IntChampionships.
    Str Champion: Title for the winner of the latest weekly StrChampionships.
    Maze Champion: Title for the latest slayer of Abyss Wizard.
    Novice Hunter: Title achieved after completing Unique Hunters 1 and that remains for 1 week until you get the next one.
    Unique Seeker: Title achieved after completing Unique Hunters 2 and which remains for 1 week as the first until you achieve the last one.
    Unique Hunter: Title achieved after completing Unique Hunters 3 and which lasts for 1 week as well.
    Ghost Buster: Title achieved after completing Ghost Busters quest, it is held by 10 people at a time only.
    Soul Reaper: This title is held by the latest Lost Spirit killer, it is achieved through the Ghost Seeker quest.
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    Jun 2014

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